• Brielle Marie Pierce

RECAP: Met Gala 2019

Lena Waithe & Kerby Jean-Raymond wearing Pyer Moss

Well, I'm sure this is the 47th Met Gala article you've read and I am so sorry that it took you reading 47 articles before you decided that this one is what you've been waiting for! I am here to spread love and speak my truth. And the truth is... this was not my favorite Met Gala! Please pick your jaw off the ground, I'm about to break down why I feel this way while also highlighting my favorite moments from last night!


Where TF was Rihanna?

In my opinion, Rihanna is the reigning Queen when it comes to the Met Gala theme and truly dressing for the occasion. Since I've been following the Met Gala for the past few years now, I've noticed that Anna Wintour, the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Magazine and chairwoman of the Gala, will have the carpet cleared for someone if they really have a fashion moment. For example, at the 2015 Met Gala, Rihanna wore a beautifully extravagant robe-gown by designer Guo Pei (which is the best Met Gala moment and look to this date). Since that was such a moment, Rihanna was the last to walk the red carpet in order for no one to be in her way. So, when all the red carpet specials ended at 9pm, I just knew that Rih would show up like 20 minutes later in the best look of the night. Welp, we see how that went!

Bruh, the feathers were taken way too far!

As mentioned in the explanation of this year's Met Gala theme, writer Susan Sontag stated, "Camp is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers." As soon as I learned that was written in her essay, I instantly knew attendees were going to pile on the feathers. However, the feathers were on OVERLOAD. In Sontag's essay, she laid out 58 bullets points about what camp represented. 58! That means there were 57 other options to use as inspiration for Monday night's looks.

Anna Wintour wearing Chanel

Black Drag Queen Culture was front and center!

I understand the theme was based around camp and Susan Sontag's definition of it, but there is no "camp" without black drag queens and that's a FACT! Fabulous. Extra. Grand. Powerful. Everything that camp is suppose to be and idolize, that's a black queen for you! Drag queens like Rupaul and Aquaria, and black queer star-power like Lena Waithe and Billy Porter, all repped for Black Queerness and the impact it has on fashion. This was definitely my favorite moment from the Met's pink carpet.

What's up with the guest list?

Anna. ANNA! Baby, whet is you doin? Rihanna was not the only Met Gala heavy hitter missing from Monday's extravagant fundraiser. Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Jaden Smith, and Chadwick Boseman were very much so absent. Some chalk it up to scheduling conflicts which resulted in them missing out, however, the Met Gala is on the same Monday ever year! But for the people who were invited, I was confused. Most of the attendees made complete sense due to the shift in pop culture. But some of the attendees did not make quite as much sense due to the exclusivity and prestige of the event. Anna Wintour is the only person to create, alter, and approve the guest list and she never reveals the reasoning behind each guest, so we'll just have to leave it to the imagination.