• Brielle Marie Pierce

What's In My Bag?

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Brielle Marie's go-to??? A dope bag that can hold all your sh*t!

I'm the type of gal who needs to carry a bag! My bag has to ALWAYS compliment my look, regardless of the occasion or destination. As the editor-in-chief and creator of Ironclad, my bag is always filled with lots of items. Some items are super necessary for the day or night, and some are just fun extras. Take a look at what I always keep in my bag!



  • Wallet (Of course!)

  • Keys (Duh)

  • Hand Sanitizer (The world is ran by germs!)

  • Blistex (If you're not familiar, this is the greatest lip balm ever created)

  • Lip Gloss (This is perfect even if you have lipstick on. If you don't feel like or have the time to reapply lipstick, a super glossy lip is always the best backup)

  • A Pen (There is always a need for a pen! Remember that!)

  • Business Cards (You NEVER know who you'll meet! Be prepared!)

  • Phone Charger (An explanation is NOT required)


  • Candy!!! (I mean...You need a snack!)

  • Earphones (Depending on where you're going and who you'll be with, you won't need them)

  • Gum & Mints (Bad breath is a major NO! Also, when your lip gloss is poppin',you have to chew gum; it's an unwritten rule!)

  • A Notebook (When you're old school like me, you write all ideas, prayers, and dreams down. You never know when you'll get inspired)

  • iPod Touch (I's 2019! But I keep all my fashion, beauty, and culture photos in it so I have one reference place)

  • All the junk you've acquired from the week that you'll probably throw away


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